IT-93 (Capstone Project)

(This project is currently under active development!)

“IT-93” is a game that has the player, a janitor/utility worker, fight through a dot-com monolith’s office (think Amazon’s power today, but placed squarely in 1993) that has been overtaken by robots hellbent on automating everything, even if it hurts the people around them. The goal is to scour the office building and tell the crazy CEO, Billy Gatos, to stop the madness and call off the robots. In the meantime, Gatos is too busy adding more floors and going full Portal Cave Johnson style in his own world, with no one to tell him “no”. (We had a lot of funny talks about this game world.)

This game is currently being developed by myself, Ittai Mann, Andrew Smith and John Luke Saake. I am responsible for the custom first-person character controller, weapon implementation, editor tools, menus and options UI, and assistance with just about everything else on the project given I have the time for it (3D asset creation, level design, bugfixing, you name it).

I would like to talk more about it, but we still have to make the game. Currently, we are in the polish side of development, cleaning up models and fixing things we // TODO’d for ourselves. We also have a lot of work to do in the level design category. Our deadline, since this is a class project, is March 2019 (two months away as of writing this).

Oh, right, I should probably get back to working on it!