Rock Paper Deathmatch

A network multiplayer arena FPS made in Unity in 2 weeks.


An experimental art-smashing game in a museum. Made for UCI's Summer 2018 Game Jam.

Spiral Drift

A top-down 2.5D game, drift into things to blow them up! Made for the Fall 2018 Proto Game Jam.


AnimizerGUI / AnimizerApi

An open-source animation format and accompanying Forms GUI tool to use it.


A Unity editor tool that plugs Google Sheets data into your game with a button press.

Unfinished Projects

IT-93 (Capstone Project)

Fight through an office filled with robots! A capstone project for UCI's CGS major.

Mega Man Maker (hiatus)

A project that "emulates" Mega Man in Unity, with a level editor on the way. (My biggest solo project to date!)

Unnamed 2D Platformer & Dynamic Lighting

A side project meant to create a 2D platformer controller and 2D dynamic lighting system.

Silent Nintendo IP Clone For Fun

Sshh... this may or may not be a ripoff project meant to teach myself MonoGame!