A Hugo Redesign

14 January 2019

While sending out a myriad of job applications these past few weeks, I decided it was high time I returned to my website and give it some much-needed love. This love came in the form of the games page actually being populated with, well, games and projects of mine. In the middle of completing that page, however, I stopped myself mid-writing out the HTML for the entries, and went:

No, stop, there has to be some way to streamline this. I’m typing the same crap over and over again. I’m gonna have to come back and change every page if I ever make an edit to one of the repeating elements.

But, sure enough, Hugo is a thing that exists. I started porting my site over to Hugo about three days ago by taking my existing pages and turning chunks into Hugo partial templates. Two days of indulging in the weekend and an all-nighter later, here I am, writing this blog post in slick Markdown and kicking myself for not using this tool sooner. And look, the page is live updating every time I save the Markdown file! I feel much less hesitant about web development now. You webdev people are less unhinged than I previously assumed, and really know how to streamline a tedious process.

I should be able to write future blog posts painlessly, and in fact I have quite a bit I want to talk about after all these years of making games. Stay tuned!