The Great AWS Migration

02 February 2018

Hidden deep within the bowels of the internet, a quaint little domain rests a deep year-long slumber, waiting for the day of awakening. In its slumber, thoughts of progress and projects dance in its head…

Okay, I’m done. Essentially, this website has been dormant for a year, partly because I forgot about it and partly because I wasn’t interested in paying a ridiculous 12 dollars a month to Wix. A month ago, after another annual self-reflection, I decided to dig this place back up and host it myself.

After thinking about it – if I hosted it off my computer, what if the computer’s turned off? – I decided to look into cheap hosting and quickly came across Amazon’s web services. Cool, all I need to do is supply the website and domain name and I’m good to go. Easy enough, right?

HTML sucks. I made this website from scratch, but god did it take awhile. In the end, though, I’m happy where it is. It works, it can look like anything I want (given enough fiddling with HTML/CSS), and I can ramble into the void without spending ridiculous monthly fees - the worst I have to deal with on AWS is the 50 cent monthly fee for my domain.

So, on this day, I dub a successful venture, and I can have my little corner of the internet that works as a portfolio, blog and file hosting place. (Yay c:)

(If this seemed short and pointless, I just wanted to acknowledge the website changes. My condolences to you and your hunger for deep, insightful thoughts from me.)