An Introductory Post

17 January 2017

I believe that going any further in my career (currently my 2nd year as an undergraduate) without setting up a dedicated presence is absolutely the wrong thing to do. So, here we are!

In the past, I picked up Wordpress and Weebly sites and dabbled in “web design” (needless to say I will not be linking those monstrosities), but I never fully committed to working on something that truly represented me. Thankfully, Wix offered a blank template (something that many other website designers seem to lack), so I put this simple website together and didn’t have to bend over backwards in the process!

(I feel obliged to mention that I took a lot of notes from Dave Johnston’s setup, but I am looking forward to not looking like a complete rip-off and adding some personal elements down the line.)

I look forward to further expanding this website with game development posts, updates, accomplishments and tutorials. So, until my website rivals the greatest development blogs of the decade, stay tuned!

Edit: 1/29/2018 6:57pm

This site isn’t hosted on Wix anymore, thank the gods. The thought of paying 12 dollars a month for hardly a single pageview is downright theft, and I have since moved to AWS which charges me what I use. HTML has been hell, but I’m personally satisfied reviving my website and having the tools to do anything with it without spending hundreds of bucks. Damn I love the internet.