(You can check out this tool here!)

With a long but to-the-point name, GoogSheetsToScriptableObjectsTool is one of my favorite things I’ve done in the Unity editor. It was built for another project I did not contribute much to, except for this tool.

The tool is simple: format information in a Google Sheets page, copy/paste the page URL in the editor tool, and press the download button. The tool then takes the info and formats Scriptable Objects out of the contents, each object data separated by rows on the sheet.

This tool is a godsend for teams who want to add data to the game, like card info for a card game or weapon info and XP distribution for an RPG, without writing. The code for the tool is also pretty succinct, and altering the tool for other purposes and formats is as easy as changing one part of the script (though I want to make it easier at some point, like maybe filling in a separate function that parses information or providing a visual tool instead). It could use a lot of TLC, but for a tool made in four hours, I would say “not too shabby.”